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[RP] queries from a new user...

From: kevin lyda
Subject: [RP] queries from a new user...
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 11:39:02 -0400
User-agent: Mutt/1.2i

i mentioned ratpoison on the irish linux users group mailing list.
there's an impending guinness strike so we might have time to mess with
it though we'll also be grumpy.  anyway, my first impressions:

first, i have a solaris workstation at work.  how the fsck to i convince
the damn thing to have ratpoison session?

second, i use the gimp on occasion and i hate to admit it, but i'll be
using the mouse.  how does the gimp come up - does split screen let you
group a set of windows like a single window?

lastly i use xmms on my home laptop.  any tips to get it to play nice
with ratpoison?  i used to use mh (i've switched to mutt) so i was
thinking aliases like next, prev, etc might work.  but what about the
little main screen it uses?

oh, and one more thing on saving space: i see you're parsing your own
commandline.  otoh you're using xlib.  why not have xlib parse your
commandline for you?  no savings for systems with glibc, but a meager
savings for other systems.  plus you then get standard x switches like
-display (useful when you use Xnest to test out new wm's).


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