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Re: [RP] queries from a new user...

From: Ryan Yeske
Subject: Re: [RP] queries from a new user...
Date: 11 Apr 2001 10:41:51 -0700
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kevin lyda <address@hidden> writes:

> i mentioned ratpoison on the irish linux users group mailing list.
> there's an impending guinness strike so we might have time to mess with
> it though we'll also be grumpy.  anyway, my first impressions:
> first, i have a solaris workstation at work.  how the fsck to i convince
> the damn thing to have ratpoison session?

Hmmm, what is your solaris machine putting you in by default?  Some
dtsession or something?  Its been a while since I've used Solaris.
> second, i use the gimp on occasion and i hate to admit it, but i'll be
> using the mouse.  how does the gimp come up - does split screen let you
> group a set of windows like a single window?

Nope, but see the messages in another thread on this list.  The user
interface for something like this hasn't been decided yet.
> lastly i use xmms on my home laptop.  any tips to get it to play nice
> with ratpoison?  

dont think i can help you here.  in what way doesnt it play nice with

> i used to use mh (i've switched to mutt) so i was thinking aliases
> like next, prev, etc might work.  but what about the little main
> >screen it uses?

sorry, i dont understand.
> oh, and one more thing on saving space: i see you're parsing your own
> commandline.  otoh you're using xlib.  why not have xlib parse your
> commandline for you?  no savings for systems with glibc, but a meager
> savings for other systems.  plus you then get standard x switches like
> -display (useful when you use Xnest to test out new wm's).

yes, you have a point, things like -display would be a good thing.
Unfortunatly I dont think (correct me if im wrong) but the xlib
commandline parser doesnt grok the --long-options.


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