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Re: [RP] argh. split-screen help.

From: Gergely Nagy
Subject: Re: [RP] argh. split-screen help.
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 11:03:35 +0200
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Thus spoke shawn <address@hidden> on 2001-04-13 01:48:29:
> This whole 'but what about the gimp' line of arguments is really
> getting on my nerves. Who here ACTUALLY uses the gimp on a regular
> basis?? The gimp is so ratcentric (if you don't use scripting as mhp
> pointed out) its not even funny. My stance is: if you want to use the
> gimp go boot up some steroid rat WM, the gimp has very very little
> influence on the development of ratpoison.

What I was thinking about recently is to buy a joystick, and use
that one. It's still blasphemy, but at least it's not a rodent,
but a stick :)

Oh, and it won't die if I feed it with rat poison! :)

 Gergely 'sheesh, shoot me before it's too late' Nagy

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