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Re: [RP] argh. split-screen help.

From: shawn
Subject: Re: [RP] argh. split-screen help.
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 02:00:33 -0700

>Is there something wrong with having the same window displaying more than once
>on the screen?  Is there a way for it to work like emacs where you can have
>multiple views of the same window?  Probably not, X being what it is.  Be nice

X windows doesn't let you display a window more than once. We could
take a screenshot of the window and draw it again, but I'm not even
going there.

>if instead of going to that window where it already is on the screen, your 
>window becomes the window you go to, and the frame where the window used to be
>becomes whatever was last there, as when you hit C-t t.

This is the other way of doing things. I'm divided on the issue and
I'm not really sure which is better. Both ways are about as easy to

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