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Re: No to StowFS!

From: Filip Brcic
Subject: Re: No to StowFS!
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 12:21:13 +0100
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Дана Friday 03 February 2006 13:15, Alfred M. Szmidt је написао(ла):
>    I do not know what are your problems with my idea. There are some
>    Linux-based GNU systems that uses that directory organization.
> Sorry, but I know of no GNU/Linux systems that use this.  All of them
> are built up around /place-with-executables, if that directory is
> called /bin, /Applications or
> /bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/foo/bin:... is not really an issue.

I believe that he is referring to GoboLinux [http://www.gobolinux.org/]. They 
have all applications in some /Programs/<app>/<ver> directories and they use 
their specific kernel patch to hide /bin, /etc, /sbin, ... So the user of 
GoboLinux sees only /Progams but in fact, the system does see symbolic links 
(or something, I read their desctiption a long time ago) in /etc, /bin, ...

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