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Re: PJ lies about Terekhov--again

From: Peter Köhlmann
Subject: Re: PJ lies about Terekhov--again
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 16:41:09 +0100
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Rjack wrote:

> Alan Mackenzie wrote:
>> In gnu.misc.discuss Rjack <> wrote:
>>> Groklaw's Pamela Jones, the Sarah Palin of the Software World is
>>> at it again:
>>> "The court quotes from Microsoft Corp. v. Software Wholesale
>>> Club, Inc.: "the first-sale doctrine does not apply to an
>>> admittedly counterfeit unit". So, no, you can't buy a copy and
>>> use it to go into a counterfeiting business, in effect.
>>> Terekhov's theory has bitten the dust and then had to eat some.
>>> Just like Daniel Wallace's anti-GPL theory did. Whoever is
>>> relying on their legal theories might want to buy a vowel and try
>>> to figure this puzzle out."
>> [ and so on .. ]
>> Rjack, all this lot is pretty much off-topic here.  I think you'd
>> be better debating the matter on groklaw itself, which has an
>> active forum.
> Yeah... an active forum and a black hole where reasonable disagreement
>   is sent. Since when are GPL discussions "off topic" Lord Mackenzie?

In COLA they are.

And the shite you post regularly is off-topic on all of usenet
Your depth of comprehension may tend to make you lax in worldly ways.

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