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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Tiltrotor-Project

From: notoriou5
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Tiltrotor-Project
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2016 23:16:52 -0700 (MST)

Here are my current PID- and reference-values:


    <define name="REF_OMEGA_P"  value="800" unit="deg/s"/>
    <define name="REF_ZETA_P"   value="0.85"/>
    <define name="REF_MAX_P"    value="400." unit="deg/s"/>
    <define name="REF_MAX_PDOT" value="RadOfDeg(8000.)"/>
    <define name="REF_OMEGA_Q"  value="800" unit="deg/s"/>
    <define name="REF_ZETA_Q"   value="0.85"/>
    <define name="REF_MAX_Q"    value="400." unit="deg/s"/>
    <define name="REF_MAX_QDOT" value="RadOfDeg(8000.)"/>
    <define name="REF_OMEGA_R"  value="500" unit="deg/s"/>
    <define name="REF_ZETA_R"   value="0.85"/>
    <define name="REF_MAX_R"    value="180." unit="deg/s"/>
    <define name="REF_MAX_RDOT" value="RadOfDeg(1800.)"/>

    <define name="PHI_PGAIN"  value="3800"/>
    <define name="PHI_DGAIN"  value="400"/>
    <define name="PHI_IGAIN"  value="250"/>
    <define name="THETA_PGAIN"  value="3800"/>
    <define name="THETA_DGAIN"  value="450"/>
    <define name="THETA_IGAIN"  value="250"/>
    <define name="PSI_PGAIN"  value="500"/>
    <define name="PSI_DGAIN"  value="300"/>
    <define name="PSI_IGAIN"  value="20"/>
    <define name="PHI_DDGAIN"   value="300"/>
    <define name="THETA_DDGAIN" value="300"/>
    <define name="PSI_DDGAIN"   value="300"/>

And here is the output of the attitude in the real-time plotter:


I tried to adjust the PID values but it is really hard to do. I know how PID
works, but it does not really seem to do what I want. I can not get rid of
those spikes in my graphs. Maybe I asdjust the lowpassfilter in the
reference values?

Thanks a lot, Kevin

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