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Re: [RP] argh. split-screen help.

From: shawn
Subject: Re: [RP] argh. split-screen help.
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 21:38:22 -0700

>Something I also do wonder about, is seperate desktop support.  I don't
>know many X terminologies, I think they are called desktops or screens.
>I'd so love to be able to, for instance, find some way to go to a place
>where C-A,<space> switches forward between all my netscapes and lynxes,
>and another place where C-A,space will switch between remote boxes.  The
>solution in screen was to start 'screen -S deskname -e ^ee' from each of
>four named windows in a 'main' screen.

Whoah! Blow my mind! Its screen inside screen!

It sounds to me like you're looking for something similar to
workspaces or virtual desktops as some WMs call them.

Off the top of my head, to implement 'workspaces' you could create a
list of structs containing a window_frame_sentinel, a
window_mapped_sentinel and a window_unmapped_sentinel. then write a
function to cycle through the list setting rp_window_frame_sentinel,
rp_mapped_window_sentinel and rp_unmapped_window_sentinel to point to
the 'current' ones. When switching between 'workspaces' hide all
windows in the old workspace and unhide the ones pointed to by
elements of rp_window_frame_sentinel in the new 'workspace'. It
wouldn't be too too difficult, but there may be better ways of
seperating windows. I haven't given it much thought since I only have
2 or three windows at a time. I can imagine vi users might like
something like this.

>Or is this already something already doable that I am missing out
>on? :)

Well, ratpoison doesn't directly support this, but you could run
ratpoison inside xnest and you would get a similar effect. I haven't
tried this in a while, but last time I checked ratpoison has some
difficulties running inside xnest...

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