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Looking for an open source license..

From: Amanjit Gill
Subject: Looking for an open source license..
Date: 5 Jun 2006 11:51:54 -0700
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Hi there,

- I really like the GNU GPL and LGPL for software that corresponds to
infrastructure (i.e. things that should be provided on any system,  and
must be "free" and interoperatable because it is so easy for software
to be incompatible (you only need to change one byte).

- I pretty much dislike the GPL (and LGPL because of the clause that
you can "relicense" the work under the GPL) for everything else, i.e.

- I am looking for a BSD-style license, that is as BSD-compatible as
possible but practically prohibits "relicensing" the work under the GPL
or GPL-compatible licenses. I basically found bits of code that was
initially released under a BSD license, but somehow years afterwards
someone made a GPL version of that software (same name, but only
bugfixes or compiler changes in the code). I want to prevent this
side-effect in an open source software I am about to write.

Any Ideas? 

Amanjit Singh Gill

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