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Re: First look at Guile Std Library available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: First look at Guile Std Library available
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 15:00:28 +0100

   From: Richard Todd <address@hidden>
   Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2004 15:51:17 -0600

   I don't follow why one-size-fits-all would reduce the immediate
   usefulness of the libarary for some users.  Are you are talking about
   a user who was already using an interface from another library that I
   incorporated and changed?  Compared to the benefit to new users who
   would not be faced with several disjoint interfaces, I think this is
   insignificant (especially since they can keep on using the old lib if
   they want).

i presumed you wanted to build something useful to more than just new
users.  it seems to me you want to "ask the community" to tell you what
to do, but are not clear what comprises "the community", so now i'll ask
explicitly: what is your target audience?  what assumptions are you
making about this audience?  these answers will let me know if i am
included, so that i can continue discussion or withdraw as appropriate.

   What do you think of (std ...) => (std2 ...) as a means of letting
   older code run forever?

that depends on what "=>" means precisely.

   I'm a little disappointed that all the response I've gotten has been 
   about the library concept, and no one has yet appeared to be interested 
   in the code I've put out there to date.

personally, i don't care about code as much as interfaces (and their
proper care and feeding).  bad code under a good interface can be fixed.
bad interfaces can also be fixed, but at a higher cost.

   what is 'useful', 'standard', *OR* 'efficient' about what a guile
   user has today?  [...]  There is no comparison [...]

well, some wise dude said the first mistake is making comparison, and
i've gone very far beyond that first mistake by now (so due to the fog
of recent mistakes i can't really remember enough to comment in this
way :-)...  i admire your enthusiasm nonetheless.


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