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Re: [GNUe] Re: GNUe (was 'What's up?')

From: Julio Cesar Gazquez
Subject: Re: [GNUe] Re: GNUe (was 'What's up?')
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 12:39:45 +0000
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El Mié 17 Mar 2004 12:39, Adrian Maier escribió:

>  GNUe-Tools is promising, interesting, and cool. But, unfortunately,
>  i haven't been able to do anything functional with it (yet).

I had the same feelings... as most people is demonstrating right now.

>  Since people are saying that they are using it , i guess that i
>  haven't succeeded simply because my lack of experience.
>  So far, my experience with gnue can be summed up like this:
>  - i have downloaded and installed it (0.5.2, and a few nightly snapshots),

Starting with 0.3.0 or so... That seemed very primitive and not well tought.
Since 0.5.x things started to look better...

>  - i have tried to do do some forms,
>  - encountered different problems (i haven't been able to solve them
>  myself),
>  - then put it "ON HOLD, until it gets more stable".

Same thing... The pace is slow, the documentation scarce, the list traffic 
pitiful, and the feedback... well... I even found a bug and reported it even 
with a fix. I guess it was never taking into account.

I tried stuff, even from CVS. I post suggestions and possible improvements. 

>  > 7.  Your form should come up after login.  Press <f8> then <f9> to have
>  > it load all data from the table.  You can edit, delete, insert however
>  > you wish at this point.  You have a fully functional application.

>  When I had tried GNUe-Forms,  i had done exactly as you suggest now.
>  But I encountered different problems, for example:

Besides problems, the fact is, that is not a real world example. It's a toy. 
Like the toys every development tool I've seen (not so much, mostly FoxPro 
and Delphi) includes as demo. The kind of stuff that works, shows some 
functionality present in the tool, but has almost nothing in common with the 
real world stuff that you need to produce, those that reveals the tool is a 
piece of shit. This doesn't mean that a "useable" version of GNUe would be a 
piece of shit, but as others, I don't think of GNUe currently as useable 

>  I haven't tried the new 0.5.3 yet - maybe things have changed.

I doubt that.

>  The address@hidden mailing list is almost dead ( i had posted a message
>  some time ago and received absolutely no answer ).  And I have tried
>  to join the IRC channel 2-3 times, but I haven't chosen well the hour
>  and found nobody around.

IRC is a childish way of work. Most large projects like Linux (kernel) and KDE 
does extensive use of mailing lists. IRC forces you to be online, and to be 
online when, depending you reside, you must be sleeping, or working. And 
nope, unless you are a fulltime freelance developer or your boss wants you to 
research/collaborate with GNUe, you can't IRC into GNUe channel as work.

Anyway, the thing irritate me most, is the fact that GNUe is promoted as a 
grand GNU project. The only thing that GNUe honors respect GNU is that it is 
as useable as GNU/Hurd. Too much ambition. Too few results.


Julio César Gázquez

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