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Re: [GNUe] Re: GNUe (was 'What's up?')

From: Gil Hauer
Subject: Re: [GNUe] Re: GNUe (was 'What's up?')
Date: 17 Mar 2004 08:09:35 -0500

Hi all,

Glad to see the traffic on this list! Not having access to IRC I had
been under the impression that this was a "dormant" project. Of course,
I understand the time constraints on the developers and I'd like to take
the opportunity to express my thanks for this project.

By the same token, I also have to say that I'm not currently using the
package due to lack of applications. The core certainly seems very nice
indeed, but I myself don't have the time to build applications around
it. I'm a consultant and I find that the "applications" I have built to
support my work are mailing based on OpenOffice spreadsheets and
documents -- it's faster for me to hack a solution and keep billing :)

There was some discussion about pre-built packages and I'd like to add
my 2 cents worth.

Perhaps you might consider putting together a small application for
consultants, that handles time-sheet entry along with expense tracking
and simple invoicing. Future versions could feed a GL/AR module but
initially producing invoices from the above data elements should

The advantage is that it doesn't seem to be a "big" application, like
inventory or MRP, and would attract consultants to the project.

I'm sorry that I don't have enough bandwidth to develop such an
application but I would be happy to help specify the functionality and
the requirements if someone wants to take the lead.

Best regards,

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