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Re: [GNUe] Re: GNUe (was 'What's up?')

From: Julio Cesar Gazquez
Subject: Re: [GNUe] Re: GNUe (was 'What's up?')
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 00:51:36 +0000
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El Jue 18 Mar 2004 15:35, James Thompson escribió:
>  > pitiful, and the feedback... well... I even found a bug and reported it
>  > even with a fix. I guess it was never taking into account.
>  I don't recall this.  When was it?  How did you submit the bug report and
>  patch?

I admit it wasn't a proper report, as I was not aware of DCL at the time. It 
just was a glitch with createResultSet(), as it quoted numbers, pgsql is 
happy with that, but MS Access (via ODBC) isn't. 

I just looked again and found two another messages with bugs (in an Oct 2003 
CVS version) and some other stuff. I just sent all of it to you, I hope you 
find this useful.

>  > tool is a piece of shit. This doesn't mean that a "useable" version of
>  > GNUe would be a piece of shit, but as others, I don't think of GNUe
>  > currently as useable anyway.
>  I still think our biggest problem is documentation.  Parts of GNUe are
> usable today.  They are part of mission critical applications.  However the
> knowledge to make this happen is in too few hands. 

As long as the way you do a lot of common tasks is not at reach of most 
people, the developer efforts are useless. You can learn a game or some 
another stuff without docs, but for a development tool it is crucial.

> We're making attempts 
> now to make our process more open so that others can see what we're doing.

I feel the big wave of mails in the last days is a sign of the image and 
situation of GNUe. Most people waiting for a useful project, and even willing 
to collaborate, just to be disappointed mostly because lack of feedback. I 
remember a couple of month with just a few questions from newcomers, that 
weren't answered by anyone. I hope I can change my perceptions, as I really 
wish a bright future to GNUe.


Julio César Gázquez

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